Passenger: Small Talk

Often musicians who write really good, thoughtful tunes are socially retarded. Awkward but true. You can imagine my surprise then when one Mike Rosenberg (of Passenger fame) made me quite literally laugh out loud within three minutes of first meeting. Ah yes, this was going to be a fun one.

Comical banter, cheese-themed jokes and tales from his adventures kept us all entertained before the entertainment had even officially started. Then he kicked back, pulled out the guitar and went to town. Lovely.

The word ‘troubadour’ evokes imagery of old men in medieval suits strumming weird looking banjo things – but after hearing a couple of Passenger’s tracks, you’ll understand why it’s so fitting. The 26 year old Brighton boy is quite literally a storyteller – and his songs do exactly that. They tell stories. Stories of men he’s come across in hostels, girls once loved and old fellas who collect bullets, just to name a few.

His album ‘Flight of the Crow’ is a collection of collaborations with some of Australia’s most well known artists (Lior, Boy and Bear, Josh Pyke just to name a few). Before meeting him I wondered how he managed to get so many of them on board. It was obvious once we’d been introduced. He’s the kind of guy it’d be hard to say no to…and not in a ‘he might bash me in my sleep’ kinda way…in more of the ‘oh how could I say no to a bloke like that’ kinda way.

If you’re not yet familiar with his music, now’s the time to get on board. With a new album on the way, and a month of local tours ahead – this won’t be the last you hear from the guy and his guitar. Which is definitely not a bad thing.

Sundays in my books are reserved for good food and good company. I scored both this weekend. Big thanks to the folks at Brunswick’s Pope Joan for setting us up in their courtyard, and providing a mean brunch to boot. Deluxe.

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Ash London.