Best Songs of 2013


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I remember being in a conversation towards the start of this year discussing the thought of 2013 being a slow year in music. At the time there were a couple of records we were all eagerly anticipating, but really nothing to get too excited over. Oh, were we WRONG. This year took what we were expecting from music and turned it upside down. There were the outrageous offerings of Kanye via Yeezus, the intricately crafted stylings of Volcano Choir’s latest, then just last week Bey pulled off the surprise of the year with her new one that’s threatening to overshadow Christmas. From Phoenix’s utterly grooveable Bankrupt! to Arctic Monkey’s rockin’ AM (plus many more I could mention,) turns out 2013 did allllright.

So without further ado, here’s our addition to the ‘end of year list’ craze currently sweeping the internet — SW’s top 25 SONGS of the year.

On this list you won’t find albums systematically categorized leading to an almighty ‘album of the year’ (we’re far to indecisive for that,) but instead a collection of sounds that made for one hell of a soundtrack in our lives this year. Enjoy.