The Hills Cider Company


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Over the last few years Cider has blown up in the liquor world with every major brewery going the usual suspects in the cider fridge. For a long time it was the Strongbow’s and the Mercury’s of the world doing the job before Cider lovers turned their attention to craft brewers like Bulmers, Pipsqueak (little creatures) and Monteiths.

In the middle of this growth in popularity in 2010 came the Hills Cider Company out of the Adelaide Hills. For a long time this region had been famous for another type of liquor but Hills founders Steve Dorman and Tobias Kline put their passion for cider into practice and started crafting cider utilising 100% fresh fruit from the Adelaide hills. Now the boys are taking the Australian Cider industry by storm, so Small Werld thought we’d share the love and get the word out about this local company doing sweet things.