Phat Brats


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With lines out the doors of burger and mexican joints¬†alike it was only a matter of time¬†before the regeneration of the humble hotdog came to pass. The popularity of ventures¬†like Huxtaburger or Taco truck prove that what Melbournians really love is good honest¬†food, modernized to suit our 2012 palate. Doing just that with ‚Äėdogs is Phat Brats on Brunswick st.

It‚Äôs hard to believe this little venture opened its doors just eight weeks after the idea was¬†Ô¨Ārst born. Yep, eight short weeks from a few guys sitting around sinking bears and tossing¬†around ideas to the time when they served their Ô¨Ārst Phat Brat, and by their taste, you‚Äôd¬†think they‚Äôd been planing it for the past twelve!

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