Jus Burgers


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Hailing from the way of the west (like most good things) comes a new player in the Melbourne burger scene, Jus Burgers. After a successful four years in Perth (growing to four stores), it was time for the JB crew to bring their take on the gourmet burger to the mecca of food in the country, Melbourne. Just over a month ago the doors to their Chapel St residence flew open to serve the people of South Yarra a burger that might be unmatched on the famous street.

Jus Burgers don’t muck around, run by foodies for not just for foodies but the masses with the clear intent that quality can’t be compromised at all points of the burger making process. All ingredients are fresh with a no freezer policy, that’s something we can respect. The guys behind the grill are all certified chefs making sure your patty is cooked to perfection.

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