Fonda Mexican


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Situated just out the CBD on Richmond’s Swan St you’ll find this little space that owners David Youl and Tim McDonald have poured their heart and soul into. Fonda is the little piece of Mexico Melbourne has been waiting for. No pretension, staff full of cheer no matter how busy they are and a menu that will give any other Mexican in our fine city a right good run for its money!

Running the kitchen you’ll find Cumulus Inc alumni Ravi Presser and Mexican chef Lupita Manzo. This powerhouse team is using local ingredients to plate up flavour filled options all over the menu. Our picks go to the vegie and braised brisket tacos or the grilled chicken burrito. Deluxe.

In Mexico if you see a house with a sign saying ‘Fonda’ it means you can go in an buy a meal straight from the family kitchen. Melbourne’s Fonda embraces exactly that, making you feel right at home on everything visit. Drop buy, order up some of the kitchen’s finest and top it off with a brew from local brewers Two Birds.

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