Dainty Sichuan


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Today we bring to you the next episode of Small Werld Goes Ethnic. Our subject? Sichuan cuisine, a prominent and widely adored subset of Chinese that comes from the Sichuan province in southern China. Sichuan food is known for it’s addictive use of sichuan peppercorns, fragrant chili, ginger & garlic.

About a year ago a chef I know scoffed at me when I noted that I was looking forward to heading to Spice Temple, “Spice Temple? If you want Sichuan food, go to Dainty!”. Unfortunately it took me another year to finally head across, the final straw being David Chang thoroughly evangelizing Dainty at this years MFWF. Being the momo-fanboy I so unashamedly am, I head across immediately and I’ve been back every couple weeks since.

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