Badger Vs Hawk


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The boys behind LaTrobe St fit out Badger Vs. Hawk have been killing it around our town for years. Cosmo Hawke and Lucien Kolff have played parts in some of Melbourne’s best known hipster-haunts. After developing a some-what hero-esque status with their cold brew ‘Machete’–a bottled cold-drip coffee the lads decided that instead of resting on their highly caffeinated laurels it was time to open their own little specialty coffee spot and Badger Vs Hawk was born.

By day you drop past for some of the tastiest espresso, filter or cold drip on offer. House blend is Prouds and if you’re after some eats the kitchen out back is putting together a some of the towns more delicious sandwiches. The infamous Reuben is forever under threat of being sold out. Corned beef, cheddar cheese sauce, sauerkraut and cornichon salad on rye. Try and think about that without having your mouth water. Arrive early and you gotta’ get your hands on the Breakfast Brioche. Crispy bacon, egg, relish and mustard aiole with cheese. Hangover–BE GONE.

As the evening ticks around the heaters are kicked into gear, tunes start to spin and BvsH starts serving locals brews, delicious cocktails and pulled pork taco’s to fill you up. This little courtyard bar is ALL Melbourne. The perfect little place to catch up with a few friends, order up a Machete Libre and soak in the night as it ticks away. We’ll be seeing you there.