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Jinja Safari: Interview

I can say with absolute certainty that Jinja Safari are five of the finest rockers Australia currently has to offer. These crazy-talented musicians are responsible for a music movement that’s got cities from all over the world dancing to beats...


Happy Valley

After a three years outside of the retail jungle, former owner of Polyester Records, Chris Crouch is back with a new project of its very own ilk. A lover of books, art and design, Croucher not only wanted to open a place where he could have it a...


The John Steel Singers: Interview

A little over a week ago, the highly anticipated sophomore LP from Brisbane’s The John Steel Singers, Everything’s A Thread, saw the light of day. In its lifespan thus far, the release has received a whole lotta lovin’ and has seen the b...


Handsom: Summer 13/14

After a long, long winter that rolled into spring, and then back into winter, it finally looks like summer might be about to reveal its shy face from behind the clouds. It’s time to start thinking about lounging around in sun soaked bars, san...


Gelato Messina: Fitzroy

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream…scratch that, re-write, gelato. And if you don’t already scream for it, you will once you visit Gelato Messina. It’s just opened in Fitzroy on the ever-gentrifying Smith Street. Today mar...


La Condesa

¡Hola! ¿Que tal? ¿Tienes hambre? (translation: Hello! How are you? Are you hungry?) We hope so! Then you can try one of each of the tacos served at La Condesa in Fitzroy. They’ve just opened up shop on Johnston street in their court...



For those who think the Golden Age style of kitsch home décor, Tupperware parties and fondue was lost when reruns of The Brady Bunch ended, Allison Jones is here to save the day with Lark, the latest boutique-come-party-store to hit Gertrude St...


Jim’s Greek Tavern

Food is one of those things that is best shared with family, and people you love. When it comes to breaking bread with the family, there's no ethnicity who gets it more than the Greeks, and there's no better restaurant to practice this mantra th...


Lime Cordiale: Interview

It's been nothing short of a massive year for Sydney based five-piece Lime Cordiale. After a sold-out show earlier this year, a number of well received gigs across some of the county's trendiest music festivals, and having been personally handpi...


Pickings and Parry

In the old days men were men, and they lived and died by the labours of their hands and the sweat on their brow. They demanded a lot of themselves, and they knew that if they bought the best tools and took the time to maintain them, they’d nev...